Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Vincent made the NAUGHTY LIST!!!!

For those of you who don't know... we have connections and talk to Santa!

I have an Uncle (Uncle Doug) who has an awesome job; he works with radio's. He has this really cool "radio" room with walkie-talkies and a whole bunch of other stuff that I don't know the names of.

Anyway, he as a radio tower in his back yard that is taller than his house. This special antenna is aimed right at the North Pole and can talk to anyone, anywhere in the whole world. Well, because of this, when I was growing up, we got to talk to Santa, in person, every year! We even know the elves and have special connections with them too.

When I was growing up, the elves would visit us all during the month of December and leave presents. Sometimes we could open them and sometimes we would have to put them under the tree. They would hide them in many sneaky places. For example: in a tree, at the door, in the bathtub, by the T.V. One elf even left a present on the roof of my house (this is when I lived in an underground house). This made Christmas very exciting and made it last the whole month of December. Now, the elves even visit my own kids and sometimes the neighbor kids (it is a good thing they know Vincent because they reap the benefits).

Anyway, to get to the point of this post...

Yesterday, Vincent was ROTTEN!!!!! He was mean and nasty from the moment he woke up in the morning until the minute he went to bed. That morning, I asked him to get dressed for school. Well, at that same moment in time, Lily happened to be innocently passing by and just to lash out at me, Vincent stuck his leg out and tripped her. She face planted it onto the hard wood floor and started to cry. He sassed me, interrupted Josh a few times while he was working, and the list goes on.

Well little did he know that SANTA WAS WATCHING and Elf Jingle too. This is what Vincent received this morning when he woke up. It was folded and had a bow on it and was placed on the piano where he would be SURE to see it...


Santa has been watching you and he asked for me to say,

That he wasn’t very happy with your actions yesterday.

You hurt your little sister and to your mom you spoke so badly.

You bothered dad while he was working so now I tell you sadly,

That you are on the NAUGHTY LIST dear Santa is upset!

If you don’t change your actions, then no presents you will get.

But this can all be fixed you see if you can change your ways,

Like being nice and listening for many, many days.

Santa really loves you and he knows you can be good.

So be loving to your family, like you know you should.

Santa will check up you. I suggest that you be nice.

And if you’re wise, then you will think about taking my advice.

Elf Jingle

Vincent saw the letter on the piano, and then saw Lily's present sitting next to it. He said, "Lily got a present and all I got was a stupid letter." I told him to just read it and see what it said. He started to read it and then I felt it would be better if I read it because I would be able to read it with the right emotion.

When I was done reading the letter, I looked at him, and his eyes welled up with tears and I noticed he was trying to fight crying. I didn't want him to be totally devastated, so, to break some tension, I smirked and said, "you're buuusssted!" He laughed and then I asked him what the letter said to him. He said "I am on the naughty list" and then proceeded to ask me, "Mommy, what does it mean to change my ways?"

The letter worked like a charm and let's just say... He was perfect the rest of the day:)

Let it snow!!

We finally had our first really awesome snowstorm. It snowed for three days and I loved every minute of it. We just had to get out and play. This was Lily's first time playing in the snow.
She had so much fun. Her snow suit is a little small so when she fell over, she couldn't get up:-)
I can't believe she sat there long enough to let me bury her in the snow.
This is Vincent and Jacob. They were trying to see how far they could keep sliding on the snow once they got to the bottom of the slide.

We attempted to build a snowman but the snow was too soft :( I guess frosty will have to wait.

YAY for snow!!!!

Mommy's Little UNWANTED Helper

Let me start by talking a little bit about Lily...

She is BUSY, BUSY, BUSY! It is a wonderful quality and also a pain-in-my-butt quality. Lily loves to help me clean, do laundry, load the dish washer, etc. I love this about her but... IT IS KILLING ME! It is killing me because, as you may have guessed... She ISN'T helping AT ALL! Sometimes she even likes to help without being asked. This is where my story begins.

All you moms out there probably know my pain... The list is as follows
You wake up
Make Breakfast
Clean Breakfast
Take kids to school
Try to tidy the house
Pick up kids from school
Make lunch
Clean lunch
Do homework
Tidy the house again
Make dinner
Clean dinner
Get kids to bed
Start all over the next morning!


OK... so my day is like any other. I am downstairs folding laundry TRYING to get some things done. I am especially frustrated because I am behind in my chores and I can't catch up but I am trying desperately. Lily is downstairs with me and seemed to be occupying her time nicely. Little did I know, she had taken it upon herself to...

Unload her dresser drawers and throw clothes everywhere...

And, find anything she could to stuff in the dryer.

As you can see, she is very proud of her work.

Contents: Paper towels, dance tights and a sweater:)

She also got into Josh's closet and pulled out all his under garments and threw them everywhere (actually, her new thing is to take out his garments and stuff them in every garbage can that she can find in the basement). This was extremely frustrating because I had just washed and folded all the under garments. It took me FOREVER and I had to do it all over again!

Another cute example of Lily pitching in and helping out is this:

She LOVED to put the candy canes on the tree!

The only problem is, she loved to put them all in one place!

We love our little helper!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Opening Night!

Vincent had is on-stage debut as Tiny Tim on November 27th 2009. It was our opening night and it went very well. I must say Vincent was "spot on!" I, however, got incredibly sick right in the middle of the show. Yes folks... I muddled through but was down with the flu the rest of our Thanksgiving weekend. Poor Josh:(

Here are some highlights of the show:

Vincent with our director "Mr. Jerry." He is a jolly old man who we have really enjoyed working with. He has nothing to say but wonderful things about Vincent.

Here is a glimpse of the "Ladies Dressing Room." Everyone in the cast is wonderful and very helpful. To the left is Heather. She helps me during my fast costume changes. To the right of me is Janalee. She graciously volunteered to help Vincent with his very fast costume change because I am on stage when he is getting ready. Let me tell you, this is not an easy task! The two ladies on the right are Blue and Tracy, her mother who also plays Mrs. Catchet. Love you ladies!
This is me hanging out in the "green room" during the performance and despite my demeanor, I am miserable in this dress. My double and I share our costumes. She is 110 pounds with NO boobs and I am exactly the opposite. Let's just say that what the costume ladies do with these costumes are amazing!
There is a period of time that Vincent and I get to hang out together and play games with other cast members. I don't know whether he has more fun backstage or on stage. Either way, I'm happy he is having fun and that we share it together! We play a lot of "Guess Who."

This is one of Vincent's sister's in the show. She is a doll and her name is Kamryn. They are great buds and she is very helpful with Vincent.
This is Vincent's favorite "big kid buddy," Mont, and he is a terrible influence! They love to play fight and call each other silly names like: chicken butt or fuzzy face etc. Just when I get Vincent calm and collected, Mont walks in and it's all down hill from there:) We love you Mont!
This is me as the Charwoman--the other character that I play--and these are the other people in a song called "Hey Old Joe." It is a very fun number and as you can see, I get really into it! The other lady in the picture is Diane Dabczysnki. She is my voice teacher who encouraged me to audition for the show. Thanks Diane!

More cast members...
This is a fun photo of Vincent playing his leapster in costume. I'm sure Tiny Tin would have loved a leapster:)
This other boy in the picture is Hyrum who also plays the role of Tim.
This is my partner Glade who plays Fred. He is very fun to work with and has a lot of energy. It is always fun when you have a partner who you can play off. I have had a great time working with him.
Vincent and I at the end of the show.

Josh and I are so proud of Vincent. He has learned a lot and gained tons of self confidence. To be honest, I don't think having audience phased him in the least. He just did his thing. It is fun to hear the audience sigh after he says his lines. His English accent is adorable if I might say so myself.

Thursday, November 26, 2009


Here is a fun little clip of Vincent in costume doing his famous scene. This is our rehearsal just before our preview performace.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Vincent in Rehearsal

Here is a little clip of Vincent in rehearsal. He is doing such a great job and each time he gets better and better. I have to say that this rehearsal wasn't one of his better ones however, it is fun to see him anyway.

This rehearsal is in the theatre that we will be performing in, but this isn't what it will look like. They still have Little Shop of Horrors going on right now so the theater looks dark and bleak. We are excited to go to the theater on Monday because it will be our first technical and full dress rehearsal and the theater will be ready with the set from our show. We can't wait to see what it will look like.

Opening night is just around the corner! Our preview this Wed. and then we open on Friday.

Wish us luck:)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Vincent's Press Picture

This is one of the "press pictures" for the show. I am supposed to receive more and I will post them as soon as she sends them. This is Vincent with Eric who plays the role of "Bob Cratchet".

Vincent is doing great. We are a week away from opening night. We had our first dress rehearsal last night. The costume and makeup crew were there and also the owners of the company. They had never seen us in rehearsal before. They were all dying over how cute Vincent was and what a good job he was doing.

The owners pulled me aside and had nothing but compliments. Linda Hale said "He is just PERFECT! PERFECT! I don't want him to change a thing. He is loud and clear. I understand everything he is saying and he is just cute as a button!" That made me feel so proud and it was good to hear from someone else that he was doing a good job. Sometimes I wonder if I am just biased:)

Anyway, I plan on video taping some rehearsal so keep on checkin' the blog for more updates. I will also try to post pictures of us together in costume.